Virtual Drum Scans
The Imacon (Flextight) Scanner
Alpha CD Imaging has been scanning film since 1993. Since
2002 we have offered virtual drum scans using the Imacon 
scanner. Our scans are, at a minimum, the equivalent, of drum
scans, but at a more reasonable price. 

The Imacon scanner was designed at the outset to deal with
the large variety of negative film emulsions, which is a problem for
conventional drum scanners. The Imacon scanning system is
equipped with a large selection of film terms to deal with this 

The argument against CCD based scanners is largely based on 
the higher noise in the array that occurs during normal operations.
This drawback has been met with the Imacon scanner through the
use of thermoelectric cooling (Peltier effect), to enhance signal to
noise ratio. The result is that the scanner achieves a very high
dMax of 4.8 in true 16 bit color. Its ability to extract shadow detail
is outstanding.

In the end, it's results that count, and operator skill is vital. From 
our almost 15 years of film scanning experience we can
claim that needed high level of operator skill
Why 16 Bits

Operation and DPI
During normal operation the film original is held firmly in place
at right angles to the array in a curved drum-like configuration.
There is no glass between the array and the film which avoids some
of the problems that can occur when scanning is done through 
glass which may occur with flatbed scanners.

The following shows film types and maximum scanner dpi.

Up to 8000 dpi
Up to 4000 dpi
Up to 3200 dpi
Up to 2040 dpi