Hello there. Trust you delighted in the positive Segway post of last time. Felt such a great amount of superior to anything composing the negative stuff of the initial two posts, yet with such a divisive gadget, I need to cover both sides of the coin. Lamentably one is by all accounts a great deal heavier than the other, and we all know which one!

Anyway, Segways in their different structures have been in the news a smidgen this year, again with articles regarding why they have fizzled blah, additionally some positive stuff. There has clearly been the arrival of the "Segway Hoverboard", which do appear somewhat cooler than your standard Segway. With this discharge there have been some prominent artists and performing artists and general famous people that have made the board an "absolute necessity have" for the children of today. There has been a late music video with five artists utilizing the sheets, choreographed by LA based David Moore and moving along to Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean", that has increased more than three million perspectives on YouTube in a little more than a month! The video is OK yet it isn't so much that astounding, ha.

With some greater news there is the procurement of the Segway organization by a Chinese firm (and the assistance of a couple of different patrons). The organization, called Ninebot, make a Chinese form of the Segway and this is a peculiar result on the grounds that just this year Segway attempted to begin lawful procedures against the organization on the grounds that they guarantee they replicated their configuration. Interesting how things turn out, isn't that so? Segway's most outstanding adversary might really end up being its rescuer! I found a really cheap seagway on http://segway-forsale.com/.