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PPI (Payment Protection Insurance), as originally intended, is in theory a good concept. However, PPI claims have escalated unimaginably due to the fact that many of the original policies were mis-sold. A policy that supposedly takes care of the repayments on your loan, credit card or mortgage should you become incapacitated or find yourself out of work, seems to offer the safety net that allows many consumers to sleep easier at night. The truth is that these policies were often sold under the guise of being compulsory and at times were added without the consumer’s knowledge or consent. In some cases the salespeople involved employed high pressure sales tactics thereby persuading the consumer to acquire a policy regardless of whether it was actually needed.PPI

Before you can lodge any PPI claims you need to be absolutely sure that your loan did in fact include it. This may not be as simple as it sounds. Be careful to check your statements thoroughly and remember that PPI may be called something else i.e. “ASU” (Accident, Sickness & Unemployment). If you are still unsure you need to contact the company who sold you the loan in the first place and seek their advice.

How do you go about actually claiming PPI? Don’t feel that you need to make use of a claims manager unless you feel that you cannot handle the process yourself. Also make sure that you are aware of all of their charges before you decide to proceed. If you decide to forge ahead yourself you should find that most of the institutions involved have a PPI claim form for you to fill out. According to the FOS (Financial Ombudsman), you should receive a response within 8 weeks and any compensation must be paid promptly. If you are unhappy with the process or the outcome you may then approach the FOS directly.

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Information About PPI Claims Calculator

PPI stands for payment protection insurance. This is an insurance policy that helps you continue paying credit or loan when you are unable to work again for any reason. When you buy the policy, there is a possibility that the policy has been mis-sold to you. In such a case you are entitled to make a compensation claim. You can know if you are entitled to compensation using PPI claims calculator.

A lot of people do not know if they are entitled to the claim. The only way to find out about this is to conduct some research and calculate how much money you should claim without involving an expert. This is the simplest and quickest way of computing the amount due to you. Although it will not produce a perfect result, it will give you an idea of what you can claim.PPI Help

Before making any claim it is necessary to have all the facts ready. This will make the presentation of your case a lot easier. It will give you ground to persist in your quest to get your money back. Do not ignore to check out the facts as some of the companies may not be very honest when dealing with their clients.

PPI claims calculator is available from the internet. The calculator is easy to use since you just need to insert the required details about your loan or credit card. The devices are designed to help you know how much can be refunded to you as well as encourage you make the move and lodge the claim. The amount you get excludes any interest that could be awarded by the courts.

If you need any assistance in the use of the PPI claims calculator, you can try any of the versions available online. Do not waste any more time, you can do this on your own without paying anything to third parties. If you use a claims company, you will have to pay for their service.

PPI Claim Calculator What Can You Claim Back

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is a type of insurance taken out by consumers with a loan or credit card to protect policy holders in the instance they should not be able to work and meet their monthly repayments due to ill health or redundancy. A lot of those were mis sold by lenders and Payment protection insurance was forced upon consumers unnecessarily.

In 2013, the Financial Ombudsmen Service expects to resolve approximately 250,000 PPI cases. This is roughly three times as many as in 2012. The Financial Ombudsmen dealt with 1,500 claims a day after claims were rejected by lenders. Claims were granted in favour of the consumer in six out of ten cases.PPI Claim

Using a PPI claim calculator, consumers wanting to claim back what they have paid on loans and credit cards can estimate how much they could receive in compensation. The compensation that a claimant receives is dependent on the size of the loan or credit card taken out in the first instance. Consumers should try and recoup a refund of all premiums paid towards the Payment protection insurance policy. A survey of 48 major lenders has found that the cost of the PPI accounts for up to a quarter of the total amount of the debt.

Claimants have choices of how to pursue their claims. They can enlist the help of the many companies taking advantage of the PPI crisis situation and letting them do all the work for a 25% fee. The alternative is to seek advice from a local Citizens advice bureau then go online and use a PPI claim calculator and pursue the claim personally.
In all cases, claimants should request a refund of all monies wrongly paid by themselves and the interest on the contractual loan be refunded too. This should equate to roughly 8% interest per annum on each payment made. The PPI calculator is a simple tool and by entering a few details and some paperwork, part of the billions owed by lenders could be rightfully returned.